"I have known George Takis since 2007, when we met when I was looking at homes. When the time came for me to relocate back to the South Bay, George helped immensely. Not only did he help me get the place I wanted but he was exceptionally diligent as we worked our way (painfully) through the chaos of the Bank melt-down when the loan rules were changing almost every day. In the end, we got the mortgage approved. His performance in this was superb and, to my mind, beyond the call of duty."    

-Suzanne Miller                     
Suzanne R Miller Associates 

"We love George! I met George on an open house 11 years ago and he has been our family Realtor ever since. We have completed 8 transactions and I swear I think we've moved so much because we enjoy working with George!  George claims to work 110% for his clients and I think by making that statement that he is selling himself short. He has the BEST attitude of anyone I know and truly loves what he does. George always has a smile on his face and is happy to go the extra step with his positive spirit and energy.  We are a "special needs" client when it comes to selling our homes because of our privacy and pets and George is happy to accommodate us and gets our houses sold fast...almost too fast..LOL :).  
George Takis is our trusted Realtor and friend. We value our relationship with him and look forward to many more years and transactions together."

-Abby & John Douglass          

"George Takis has the energy of 3 men.  At our first meeting, he came up with an action plan to get our home sold.  He rolled up his sleeves and went to work…literally.   Throughout the entire process I always felt that our listing was his number 1 priority and, as a client, my opinions really mattered. George even helped us move out of our old house-- and was a good sport about splitting the seam of his pants lifting a heavy antique.  He had our best interest in mind and sold our home quickly."

-Satisfied Client                     
Shari Mueller                        
 Rancho Palos Verdes           

"We just thought someone out there might like to know the fine job George did in both locating our new house in PVE and also for getting the matter handled efficiently.  For those out there who may not be aware of his talents, our purchase was a bit complicated in that we had to first sell our old house in order to buy the new house, and the people who were buying our house had to first sell their house ... so George took on the task of selling their house first, so that they could buy our house ... at which we could then buy our new house ... and this all took place within about thirty days!  To complicate things further, our deal had to fall within the guidelines of Prop 60/90 in order for us to qualify to bring our old tax base with us to the new house. George was able to get that done by selling our house for the same price we paid for the new house.  All of the above he accomplished efficiently and seemingly without hassle ... and we thank George."

-J and B                               
Happy PVE homeowners      

“I have been a top producer in financing real estate for over 20 years now and am very fortunate to work with Mr. George Takis for many of those years. We have both been through 3 down cycles of real estate.  You can only be successful and still be in the real estate business by being a consistent professional who’s #1 focus is taking care of their client—THE GEORGE TAKIS PHILOSOPHY. George does this daily.  He really cares about his clients and makes life long friendships and commitments to their homes and the communities.  George Takis provides integrity, honesty, and a personal interest in every one of his clients that I have been privileged to work with. George is a longtime South Bay Resident and top agent who has the knowledge, experience, and patience that creates a less stressful process in selling or buying property. I look forward to many more years of working with George!”

-Jesse Samaniego                 
American Capital Corp.         

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